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Eight Amsterdam police officers injured in football clashes

Eight Amsterdam police officers have been taken to hospital after clashes with football hooligans in town for tonight’s key Champions League match between Ajax and Scottish club Celtic.

A police spokesman told news agency ANP a number of Scottish supporters attacked the police with bottles and sticks. One officer was knocked unconscious. All eight were treated in hospital for their injuries, mainly involving stitches for head wounds.

At least 15 people, both Ajax and Celtic supporters were arrested after riot police made several charges to drive several hundred hooligans from Dam square in the city centre.
According to ANP it is unclear if the troublemakers were aware they were attacking police officers.
‘However, they were trying to get into a police bus when they were attacked,’ the spokesman is quoted as saying.

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Eyewitness report from Amsterdam Damsquare
From 11.00 in the morning there is a big Celtic-party going on in Amsterdam. Until about 17.30 o’clock. Three young Ajax-lads steal a flag at the corner of Dam/Damstreet near café Zwart. They run away into the Damstreet. Celtic-fans don’t even notice the stealing til police run after the Ajax-lads. The Ajax-boys got arrested. Celtic-fans get upset (a lot of flags and shawls where robbed during the day) and try to reach the three. From then on, it goes loose. The police completely overreact to the Celtic-fans. They try to clean the Damstreet, where everybody was having fun and in a good mood. If the police just had evacuate the 3 Ajax-lads, nothing would have happened.
After cleaning Damstreet the police decided to clean up Damsquare, where innocent partypeople where totally unawared of the things that happened in Damstreet. Undercover cops randomly kick, beat and arrest Celtic-fans. What happend then, you’ll see in the video. Celtic-fans attack undercover cops. When one try to escape he runs against a post/stoplight and get knocked down.

8 policemen get wounded. Amsterdam police was a big disgrace. Better control your robbing Ajax-hooligans instead of attacking normal Celtic-fans.

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