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Nine men convicted over fight between Crystal Palace and Brighton fans

NINE football hooligans have been convicted of violent disorder following a mass brawl between Crystal Palace fans and Brighton fans.

J ****, 21 years. R****, 45 years. And H ****, 20 years are among the men to have been convicted over the “terrifying” fight near Kings Cross train station on November 10 last year.

C. and H. both pleaded guilty while J. was found guilty after a trial at Blackfriars Crown Court that ended on Friday.

Jurors had heard how punches, glasses and sandwich boards were thrown as the brawl escalated in Caledonian Road.

Police had anticipated there might be trouble but dozens of officers were incorrectly sent to Victoria –leaving just two to deal with the violence on the other side of central London.

The groups had arranged to meet up and fight after their respective teams had been playing in other parts of the country.

The Crystal Palace fans arrived at King’s Cross after their team had played Peterborough United, and the Brighton group arrived at nearby Euston following a match against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Jenny Hopkins, CPS London Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor, said in a statement on Friday: “This was a terrifying situation for members of the public who witnessed the violence.”

She added: “These men used the historic rivalry between their football clubs as an excuse for large-scale violence and disorder with no regard to members of the public nearby who were shocked and frightened by their behaviour.

“CPS London is committed to working with its criminal justice partners to tackle football hooliganism both inside and outside the stadium.”

C. and H. are due to be sentenced on January 13.

J. is due to be sentenced on January 21, alongside three others found guilty at trial: D ****, 29 years. D ****, 22 years. And A ****, 23 years.

Three other men were convicted in October and November.

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