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150 Masked Hooligans Attack WAC of Casablanca

Over 150 masked hooligans, armed with knives, broke into the training complex of the Wydad Athletic club (WAC) on Thursday afternoon in Casablanca.

By 3:45 pm, the hooligans flooded the Mohamed Benjelloun complex after assaulting security guards while the team was getting ready to start training.

Armed with swords, according to testimonies, they physically assaulted two players in addition to attacking the coach, Shahid Mustapha. After stripping them of their cell phones and expensive belongings, they started damaging the parked cars, according to Akhbar Al Yaoum. The assailants y then fled in a pick-up.

The attack lasted for 15 minutes, and police could not make it to the complex in time, allowing the hooligans to escape with ease.

Talking to Akhbar Al Yaoum, Abdelilah Akram, Club president, stated that the hooligans “have been sent by someone to destabilize the players.”

“Ultra ?Winners”, the WAC fans association, announced on its official website that “it has nothing to with this attack.”


Source; mwn

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