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Ajax – PSG 17.09.2014, 51 away fans arrested and fight with Utrecht hooligans

On wednesday night Utrecht was the scene of fierce fighting between hooligans from Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and hooligans from FC Utrecht.

The French, who were on their way to the Champions League match against Ajax in Amsterdam, still had a score to settle with Utrecht since 2007.
In August of that year, a group of 100 Utrecht fans had a confrontation with fans of PSG in the northern French Sedan. The Utrecht were at that game, since Sedan was the old club of their deceased idol David di Tommaso.

According to a supporter of FC Utrecht, who does not want to tell his name on the Internet, there were no agreements this week with the PSG hooligans. The Parisians were unannounced traveled to Utrecht.

“Guys from Utrecht noticed that there was a group of about 70 PSG supporters in the town. Our boys then quickly made ​​contact with the Parisians, who wanted to fight with us. The problem was that many of Utrecht fans were still at work and we didnt gather fastly. Anyway we couldnt let a group of supporters of another club to do whatever they want in our city.” says the FC Utrecht supporter. It took about an hour for 50 Utrecht fans to gather on the Cathedral Square and begin the fight.

Hooligans from both sides slashed each other at the car’s park. Chairs and tables were flying.

“When our officers got there, there were only French.” explains Christina Scholts police spokesman.
Police arrested 51 supporters of public disorder. One Frenchman, who had attacked a policeman is still in custody.

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Source: HooligansTV

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