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Polish hooligans plan to blow up stadium

Hooligans who planned to blow up a football stadium during a match were arrested after police found the explosives hidden in the stands.

Officers swooped on two gang members, aged 21 and 23-years-old, as they walked down a street in the city of Chorzow, in southern Poland, after staging a massive police operation to find the potential bombers following the discovery of the explosives on Saturday.

The find had initially been kept secret to allow police to identify those behind the plot.

Police spokeswoman Justyna Dziedzic said: “They belong to a local hooligan gang that follows the team Chorzow. They have been charged with illegal possession of explosives and with threatening human life.”

The radio-controlled explosives were found scattered around the stands in the homeground of rival team Zabrze.

Football hooliganism in Poland first began in the 1970s and has continued since then with numerous recognised hooligan “firms” associated with the clubs. It is distinguished by the organised, large-scale fights that rival fan clubs frequently stage.

Hooliganism in Poland according to one recent report is comparable in its scale to the situation when it was at its height in England.

The most violent confrontations between these fan clubs occurred in the southern city of Krakow, where the firms of Cracovia and Wisla Krakow have waged the long-standing Holy War that has in the past sometimes resulted in fatalities.

Source: Austrian Times

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