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Football team sponsored by Pornhub is banned from league

The Rutherford Raiders of Kent University initially put the logo of the X-rated website on their shirts as a joke – then the website offered to sponsor them for real.

A university has banned a student football team from wearing their new strip – because they are sponsored by a PORN SITE.

The Rutherford Raiders initially put the logo of X-rated website PornHub on their shirts as a joke as they competed in the inter-mural football leagues at Kent University.

The website contacted them and offered to sponsor for real but the university has ruled it offside.

University spokesman Martin Herrema said the team would be banned from playing if they wore the kit on campus.

He said: “The University of Kent sports department would never sanction sponsorship of this type – it is totally inappropriate.

“The team has been spoken with and will not be allowed to wear the shirts in question at any time.

“We take this issue very seriously and inter-college sports teams, which are the responsibility of Kent Sport, must present any potential sponsorship and/or logos for approval.”


A member of the team told The Tab student newspaper they had difficulty getting local companies to sponsor them.

He said: “We had a real problem with local sponsors not getting back to us and no establishment on campus co-operating.

“Money was put in to make up for the sponsor and we had nothing to put on the front and for a laugh between the team that was what got put on the front.”

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