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60 supporters arrested in Arnhem 06.08.2015

Today 60 supporters were arrest in Arnhem, Holland. Vitesse is playing Southampton today in the qualifying for the Europa League. Clashes broke out between the supporters today at the Korenmarkt in Arnhem.

Together with the Southampton supporters were Feyenoord supporters from Rotterdam. The Rotterdam rioters would have come to Arnhem as Southampton coach Ronald Koemen and players Graziano Pellè and Jordy Clasie have a Feyenoord past. Mainly Dutch hooligans were arrested today. Among the 60 detainees, which are housed in a café, is only a handful of Brits.

The conflict arose just after 18:00, when supporters started fighting. It escalated when police intervened and arrested a suspect, who hit a cop. Dozens arrested rioters were transported from the cafe with a bus to the police station.



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