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Feyenoord supporters in court for the riots in Rome

Yesterday was the day when the Dutch authorities planned to sentence the Feyenoord supporters to jail or high fines. However the authorities made some big mistakes and there are some very coincidental moments which happened during the riots in Rome.

In total there are 44 suspects, ranging from 17 till 41 years old. In Rome there was a fountain damaged, there was fireworks and a lot of drinking Feyenoord supporters. For these facts the Italian authorities and as well the Dutch authorities wanted to punish them with long sentences and high fines.

Back to the day when it happened, it was big news and the Feyenoord supporters demolished the famous fountain and there was for over 2 million euro’s damage to the city. The Dutch authorities made it very clear they would do everything they could to punish the supporters, now even before the trial could begin, the authorities had to make a statement about this. They couldn’t punish anyone for this because in the end, the fountain was two days later already working again open for the public.

Then we the trial started, the lawyers from some of the suspects had some questions for the authorities. This was because there were 5 minutes of CCTV footage missing, and in these 5 minutes the Italian police started to clear the area where the Feyenoord supporters were. Very strange isn’t?

Next to this the lawyers had some witnesses they would like to hear for the judge, these were employees of Feyenoord, journalists from a Dutch newspaper and a member from the Feyenoord Business Club. The Dutch authorities responded to this as they were not needed in the process. These people however are not like the regular supporters and under oath they could tell a very different story then the authorities tell.

The Dutch authorities wanted to call the Italian police chief as a witness, however this guy was at the police station so it’s not really relevant. We can keep going about these strangely coincidental facts, the trial continues in November and we are curious which ‘facts’ the authorities will come up with now…

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