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FC Bayern Munich protest tonight in London

The supporters who travel to England for their match against Arsenal are required to pay almost 100 euros for a ticket in the away sector. In England, where the money is a lot more important then the supporters, they charge the supporters so much money a lot of the people can’t even support their club.

Stadium of FC Bayern Munich

The supporters of Bayern will protest tonight in London by not entering the away sector in the first five minutes. With this protest the German supporters want to draw attention to these abnormal ticket prices and the problems which come with these prices. In their statement they were completely spot on about what is going to happen when this continues.

This kind of a price structure makes a stadium visit impossible for younger and socially disadvantaged fans. It destroys fan culture, which is the basis of football. In England, this development has already taken place.

Facebook page ‘FC Bayern WorldWide’

Also they posted a ticket from a former match against Arsenal back in 2000, where they only paid 19.50 pounds, so the price was raised by 328%!

Last but not least, the president of FC Bayern Munich also commented the following on the situation:

We could charge more than €130 (£104). Let’s say we charged €380 (£300). We’d get €2.5m (£2m) more in income, but what’s €2.5m to us? In a transfer discussion you argue about the sum for five minutes. But the difference between €130 and €380 is huge for the fans. We do not think fans are like cows, who you milk. Football has got to be for everybody.

That’s the biggest difference between us and England.

Love the game, hate the business!

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