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UEFA announces investigations

This week was again Champions League week where everyone has been waiting for. Here at Casual Ultra we are once again amazed about what the UEFA wants to do.

At the match between Manchester City and Sevilla, the English supporters were booing the Champions League anthem because they don’t agree with the rules and standards of the UEFA. This is actually not strange since it seems like they don’t understand football needs the atmosphere which is created by the fans. The organisation is known for charging clubs necessary fines.

The other match in London between Dynamo Kiev and Chelsea was even worse. In the vide below you can see about 30 “fans” of Dynamo Kiev attacking two guys. This is first of all so weak, but if you look closer you see they are attacking two black guys. Even some other guys who are trying to stop them and help the two lads are getting punched. This isn’t the first racist action of Dynamo Kiev either.

Disgusting scenes at Dynamo Kiev vs. Chelsea yesterday when black fans got attacked..

Posted by Casual Ultra on donderdag 22 oktober 2015

The UEFA announced investigation into the booing of the Anthem at Machester City and in the case of Dynamo Kiev. So it will be interesting to see what the UEFA will do here in both cases.

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