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No away supporters at Olympique Marseille – FC Groningen

Earlier this week FC Groningen announced they is a chance they won’t start the ticketsale for this Europa League match for their supporters. The reason for this is because the French authorities are afraid there will be riots between the supporters of both clubs.

FC Groningen

On the 17th of September Olympique Marseille visited Holland to support their club against FC Groningen. During this day they decided to attack a terrace where some elderly people were enjoying their drinks. Because of this the French autorities are afraid there will be riots again so they changed the rules about the visit of the FC Groningen supporters.

Footage from the Marseille supporters attacking the terrace can be found on our Facebook.

The autorities told FC Gronigen there will be 500 supporters allowed, where 3500 was expected. A lot of the supporters already booked the flights and hotels and were looking forward to a great trip. Also the supporters from FC Groningen are only allowed to travel to Marseille with organized coaches or airplanes, with this kind of travel they will be brought from Groningen directly to the stadium and after the match they will be brought back right away.

The French autorities blame this on Climate Change Conference which will be held in Paris. Because of the conference there is a lot of police required in the French capital, so there are not enough police officers to control the situation over in Marseille. If you ask us, we think its bad planning by the French autorities since the conference in Paris was planned a way ago so they knew what was required. Now they are scared of riots but this is all because of the French supporters who were misbehaving but no, they ruin the nice trip for the FC Groningen supporters.

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  1. If we take 3500 there shit their pants of. So we’re only allowed 500,easyer for the Algerians and Marrocans to fight us. Bastards! !

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