A couple of days a go there was a big shock in Australia. There was a list published of 198 banned football supporters including photo and complete name. The list was published in one of the largest newspapers, the Sunday Telegraph.

The people on list are all banned from visiting 10 clubs from the A-League in Australia. We don’t know the precise reason why they got the banning order but according to the CEO of the FAA they we’re banned because of misbehaviour. David Gallop, the CEO, also made the following statement

The list is sent to clubs, venues and police to give them the tools to enforce the bans to protect the true football fans and the atmosphere they generate.

More then the half of the banned fans are from Western Sydney. Together with Melbourne Victory they announced on Facebook they will stop supporting and walk out of the stadium untill some solution has been made up. This is what they did this weekend, check the pictures!

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