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27 years on, finally the truth is out there #JFT96

Finally on this day we arrived at a verdict, a verdict many (if not all) people knew this day 27 years ago, that certain journalists, politicians and police personnel lied in an attempt to disguise the crimes they had committed, lied to ease there own guilt, lied to a degree that they almost believed it themselves, and covered there failings with accusations that caused upset for families and friends already coping with tragic despair.

The truth has been revealed and has struck a chord through the heart of Liverpool and all other cities where any red blooded Kopite may live. After all this time, reliving and imagining, the families get what they deserve….. A shot of justice rings around Liverpool, echoing throughout neighbouring cities and getting louder as it gathers momentum.

96 angels can now shine, they can be free, they can watch over Anfield again, safe in the knowledge that the true demons have been exposed for what they really are. Whether or not these demons will be appropriately punished remains to be seen, but the world now knows the truth, they now have to live with that in the public eye, it’s not going to be at all easy, and why should it be.

If these people become scared, worried or feel socially feeble, they should bear in mind the torture that the families of the real victims have felt for 27 years. Those at fault also must realise that they are only seeing the consequences of their own actions in 1989, they are paying a debt for the lies spread around ever since that tragic day at Hillsborough, and these lies were only brought on by themselves.

Well now the families can rest, the victims souls can rest and live in the knowledge that justice has won, the truth always finds a way of catching up with you!

So no sympathies from me towards the suspected people and organisations, you made your bed, now you must lie in it. We have our truth, now you must discover yours.

The families and friends can now be set free too, they know what happened and who to blame, they can stop fighting for the first time in 27 years and grieve without battling. Its been a long hard fight for these incredible people.

So let’s raise a glass to the warriors who fought the media and police all the way…….And won!!!!!

These fighters never walked alone, it was them, all us supporters and 96 angels, they all stood together.

JFT 96


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