Fans of Centro Sportivo Alagoano (CRA) were incited by the fans of Clube de Regatas Brasil (CRB) which resulted in fans invading the field.

The fans of CRB collide with displeased fans of CRA. Multiple videos and pictures show how fans are storming on to the field to fight with rivals. The local media reported that 5 fans involved with the brawls were taken to the hospital with two of them being in severe conditions. One fan being treated by the medical staff in the penalty area was being rushed to the hospital by an ambulance. Fans were also starting to get violent in the stands. Riot police ran up on to the field and the stands to stop the fighting.

The fight on the pitch started after CRB won the final with 0-1. After the final whistle CRB fans started provoking the CRA fans by running on to the field. CRA fans also came on to the field and riots emerged. Local media reported 2 deaths in the state of Alagoas on the same day, which could be linked to the match between CRA and CRB. This is yet to be confirmed.



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