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Code of honor for Bulgarian hooligans

The ultras and hooligans over in Bulgaria have quite a big problem when it comes to fights between the firms in the country. A lot of the newer firms with young guys are taking more and more weapons to the fights and thus causing a lot bloodier and deadly fights.

Now several clubs from Bulgaria have met earlier this year in Plovdiv to sign a code of honor where are supporters should obey to. The most rules come from Russia and Poland where they have been used to tackle the same kind of problem.

The code of honour was signed by the main groups of CSKA Sofia, Levski Sofia, Lokomotiv Sofia, Slavia Sofia, Lokomotiv Plovdiv, Botev Plovdiv, Beroe Stara Zagora, Spartak Varna, PFC Cherno More Varna, Neftochimic Burgas and more. The Bulgarian hooligans hope to keep the fights fair and clean with this code of honor.

The code of honor consists of the following twelve rules:

1. Complete ban of using any kind of weapons during the fights.
2. Don’t fight individuals or small groups with a much larger group, try to fight in roughly equal numbers.
3. Knocked-out opponent or someone who isn’t able to defend himself is not to fight anymore.
4. Don’t attack kids, women of normal fans.
5. Do not try to fight the opponent at work, home or when the opponent is with his family.
6. Do not fight other fans when on national holiday, national match or similar events.
7. Do not take personal belongings from the opponent.
8. Don’t complaint to the police against the opponent if they haven’t broken the code of honor.
9. When a group breaks the rules in the code of honor, leading figures will punish the group or individual.
10. Stop the propaganda of use of weapons on stickers or merchandise.
11. Promote to fight fair and clean without any weapons.
12. Do not destroy graffiti from opponents when it is on their territory or stadium.

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