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UEFA launches investigation after disturbances in Marseille!

Russian fans with stolen banners in Marseille
UEFA have announced they will start an investigation into the violence of the Russian fans. Back in 2012 they received a suspended 6 points deduction for throwing fireworks and displaying illicit banners. This suspended would have seen them thrown out of the championships, however the measure ended just before the championships in France right now.

UEFA is now examining how they will punish the national team from Russia right now. A points deduction measure for the next tournament won’t apply now since they are the hosts of the championships in 2018.

Compared to the last time they have conducted heavier offence then the last time. There were riots in the city the last few days with the Russian fans all in black, unrecognizable and clearly only there for the violence. During the game some flares were shot over the pitch to the English supporters and after the final whistle some Russian fans started to attack the English fans on some of the stands.

According to several sources there were a lot of normal fans there and women and children got trampled in the panic which broke out. Compared to the other disturbances at earlier championships they probably will get a heavier fine then the last one.

The English however were also responsible for riots in Marseille. Now it’s a waiting game until UEFA will announce the punishments. Only time will tell!

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