SV Waldhof Mannheim – Karlsruher SC (23-03-2013)

Mannheim – Hitziges derby between Karlsruher SC and Waldhof Mannheim on Saturday: Fans were expected, among other things, Frankfurt, Duisburg, Berlin, Braunschweig, Basel, Zurich, Strasbourg and other friendly Fanlagern the two rivals.

More than 500 officers of the gendarmerie between Carl-Benz stadium and the railway station, and several hundred of the federal police in the vicinity of the station, dog and rider seasons, dozens of motorcycles, blocked roads: Mannheim as a military training this Saturday.

Only that it does not exercise. Several hundred “fans” of Waldhof Mannheim and Karlsruhe SC after riots. About half an hour before kick-off at 15:00 KSC fans who come with two special trains, come to the stadium under police escort.

Around the cordon of forces keep trying Waldhof individual groups to the opposing fans. On Gartenschauweg that runs next to the stadium, throwing bottles Waldhof-trailer on the Karlsruhe. In the stadium and take over the forest Höfer command: There are lit black and blue smoke bombs, rolled several banners.

During the rest are “answers” to the KSC-block: Pyrotechnics and smoke bombs would burn.

Really Dicey again after the match. Waldhof supporters have positioned themselves in front of the Luisenpark, waiting for the KSC entourage. For almost an hour, the police should talk to the guests fans – about 1,500 – in motion. Through the loudspeaker announcement of the police to the KSC fans: “Do not provoke. We bring you safely to the central station” so sure, but it seems not.:

In the Theodor-Heuss-conditioning, which leads away from the stadium in the direction of the station, there will be collisions. Waldhof supporters to go to Karlsruhe, the police responded to the “massive use of batons and pepper spray,” as police spokesman describes Boll. On Neckarauer transition to around 100 forest Höfer the next attempt. The police should take strong action.

At 19:00 pm – about two hours after the final whistle – at the Karlsruhe Central Station, get on the trains. “In Mannheim versa rest,” said Boll. On the way in Schwetzingen Waldhof supporters had pelted the special train with stones, sticks and bottles and the Karlsruhe pulled the emergency brake. There was a brief confrontation, with the associated federal police terminated.

The provisional conclusion: 34 guardianship acquisitions for several policemen injured.

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