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Casual Ultra on tour to the Heizel stadium

Last weekend Casual Ultra attended the Belgium cup-final match between KV Oostende and Zulte Waregem.
For the first time in the club history, KV Oostende made it to the finals in the Belgium cup.

Since we got some good contacts with the lads from Oostende, we were able to visit the cup-final with those guys!
For us this was a big opportunity to visit the Heizel stadium! An amazing stadium with a huge history.

On friday morning, in the early hours on our way to Ostend with our 4 hours driving trip.

Almost near Ostend, our arrival time was set! 13:12!

We finally made it to Ostend. We deserved some beers! Since we had to much fun that day and night, we forgot to make some more pictures..

At 09:00 in the morning we were heading over to the pub where we would meet the boys from KV Oostende.

Around 10:00 the pub is getting cosy. Around 60 people in and outside. Near 11:00 the bus should leave to Brussels, so we got some more time for a few drinks!

After all that beers it was time for a short stop! 91 lads from KV Oostende on their way to Brussels, where they should meet with KAS Eupen. Eupen would bring around 45 lads with them to support KV Oostende!

After 2 hours we finally made it to Brussels. 10 minutes after that the bus with the Eupen supporters arrived! They got welcomed with some banners and pyro.

No pyro no party!

After KV Oostende & KAS Eupen united together, we were ready to march towards the city center of Brussels. We had a short walk towards the metro station that was located near the Heizel stadium. From there on, we should head over to to the main station of Brussels.

Arrived in the city center of Brussels!

And ofcourse the people of Brussels needed to know that KV Oostende arrived….


Around 150 lads together from KV Oostende & KAS Eupen. After the party in the front of the station we headed over to a pub to get some beers!

On the way to a pub located near the station, the party was still going on!

KV Oostende & KAS Eupen united!

The party is still going on! many people near the supporters loved the atmosphere made by KV Oostende!

The capo/leader of KAS Eupen leading a chant! here you can see how many people were watching the ‘show’ that was given by the supporters from KV Oostende!

After all the pyro, chants and the corteo we made it to the pub were we had some drinks. Around 15:30 we were heading over towards the stadium where the fanzone was located.

We arrived at the fanzone. Could u imagine a better location? After some beers it was time for us to head over towards the stadium.

The Heizel stadium!

No pyro no party!

Some videos of the pyroshow! Lovely footage.

Sadly KV Oostende didn’t managed to win the cup-finals. But for the club there is still a change to reach the Champions League/Europe League!

Thanks to the lads from KV Oostende for having us!

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