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Chinese U20 national team in Regionalliga Südwest

In the coming season, the Chinese U20 national team will compete in the Regionalliga Südwest. The team is to strengthen the league on 20 teams and play outside the scoring.

According to media reports, the DFB has set up a corresponding contract with China, which has not yet been signed. This includes the fact that the team is not officially listed in the table but is firmly anchored in the game plan. The clubs of the regional league would therefore meet twice a season. This is intended to create a balance, since without the U20 always one of the current 19 regional players would have been free.

According to statements by Felix Wiedemann, Managing Director of the Regionalliga Südwest, the clubs are positively opposed to the project. 15,000 euros is to be given to each regionalligist for the two games against the Chinese team. Since the Chinese did not have a home stadium, they would play all games as away games and compete in stadiums such as the Carl-Benz stadium in Mannheim, the Husterhöhe sports park in Pirmasens or the Stuttgart GAZi stadium on the Waldau.

Check the Great response from Rot Weiss Essen below.

It says;

Dear DFB,

We would like to register for the federal league season 2018/2019 – if it must be also out of competition. We would also fight against the Chinese national team for the next season in the week. Alternatively, we could also present for the new season a 40 League with different nations from all over the world. Because of the away games like with participants from the Caribbean region. Only the prize must be right, of course, so that the direct Bundesliga promotion can be financed by 2018/2019 at the latest.

You are cordially invited to the Ascension Day next Wednesday. Until then and many greetings from the port road!

It is a big shame for a Football organisation to allow such mistakes. AMF!

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