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Lazio fans: “Women not welcome on the first 10 rows of Curva Nord”

The firm of Lazio Roma is going to deny women access to the Curva Nord, the northern section of the stadium of the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. That is in a pamphlet that was handed out on Sunday.

The ultra’s of Lazio already have a dubious reputation in the field of violence, racism and anti-Semitism.

In the flyer, which was found in the stands at the start of the Lazio v. Naples match, the authors calling the Curva Nord a ‘holy place’ and compare the first rows of trenches where women do not belong, according to the BBC.

“The Curva Nord is a sacred place for us”, says the pamphlet that was shared by many Lazio fans on social media. “An environment where an unwritten code must be respected. The first few rows have always been experienced as trenches. We do not allow women, wives or girlfriends in the trenches. We invite them to take a seat from the tenth row. Those who view the stadium as an alternative to a carefree and romantic day at Villa Borghese (public park in Rome) should look for another section. ”

The flyer is signed with ‘Direttivo Diabolik Pluto’. Diabolik is one of the leaders of Irreducibili, an ultra group of S.S. Lazio.

Not the vision of the club
The football club has already announced that it is moving away from the pamphlet. ,, We did not know anything about it. It is an independent initiative of supporters from the Curva Nord. It is not the club’s vision, we are opposed to any form of discrimination “, said spokesman Arturo Diaconale.

The flyer that was left on the seats, which read:

“The Curva Nord, for us, is a sacred place. An environment with an unwritten code to be respected. The first rows, as always, we experience them as if they were a trenched line. We do not admit women, wives or girlfriends, so, if this is the case, we invite you to position yourself from row 10 onwards. Those who choose the stadium as an alternative to the carefree and romantic day at Villa Borghese, go to other areas.”

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