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A powerful and positive statement from the Holmesdale Fanatics

The Holmesdale Fanatics are no longer present this season at Selhurst Park for the home games of Crystal Palace. The group, one of the most well-known in English football, which has been creating a lot of atmosphere in the stadium with drums and flags since 2005, are in disrepute with the management of the club from South London.

At the end of last season, the fans submitted a request to move to Block E of the Holmesdale stand as a group. The idea was to create a central ‘singing section’, behind the goal, in order to further increase the atmosphere in the stadium. Until then, the group was found in Block B, in the lower right corner of the same stand. The problem was that almost 100% of the season ticket holders extended on the Holmesdale. When the plans leaked, the club got a large number of reactions from fans who were afraid of losing their seat to the Fanatics. There were supporters who wrote that they had the same seat since the opening of the Holmesdale stand in 1994. Many fans were against to the move of the Fanatics so Palace were keeping stuck to their current situation. The planned migration did not go through with the result that the Fanatics will stay away this season.

In a statement, Crystal Palace are saying that it has kept the usual allocation of 100 seats for the Fanatics in Block B as long as possible, but without success. “Unless 100 supporters volunteer to give up their place, there is no way to go into the move of the Holmesdale Fanatics at the moment,” the club added.

At the 4th of september the Holmesdale Fanatics published their own statement about the current situation. In our opinion a very positive to push the club forward to the next level, something what is needed to move on! The images below are showing their statement.

Stay strong HF and don’t give up!

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