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Two football hooligans jailed for attacks in Dundee

Two football hooligans have been jailed after violent attacks on two Aberdeen fans following a match at Dens Park..

William Simpson and Lee Stewart, both 20, were caught carrying out the attacks in December of last year.

Simpson was jailed for 11 months and Stewart for three following their guilty pleas to charges of assault.

The pair, from Dundee, were also handed 30 month football banning orders at Dundee Sheriff Court.

The incidents happened after an SPL match between Aberdeen and Dundee FC at Dens Park on 29 December last year.

Simpson targeted Dons fan Connor Leslie as he walked to the city’s railway station in Dundee’s Shore Terrace.

The court heard Mr Leslie had attended the match but was refused entry to the stadium because of his intoxication.

Simpson approached Mr Leslie and asked if he was an Aberdeen fan – and when he confirmed he was Simpson immediately threw punches, knocking him to the ground.

He then continued punching and kicking him on the head and body.

Police CCTV operators caught the violent attack on CCTV before notifying police and following Mr Leslie with their system as he headed for the train station.

They then caught Stewart – a friend of Simpson’s – attacking an unknown Aberdeen fan at the station, punching him on the back of the head.

Lesley Beats, for Simpson, said he came from a good background with supportive parents and was due to start training for a career offshore.

She added: “He is remorseful.”

Bron: BBC

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